Oyst secure payment

Oyst secure payment

For a high-level security for your online shopping, we have partnered with the platform Oyst approved by the Bank of France, known and recognized for the quality of secure online shops. Security is achieved through encryption technology SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is currently the most reliable guarantee transactions for online purchases on the web

Oyst do not share any payment information. Banks details are encrypted in AES-256 and stored according to the PCI-DSS security standard.

Your credit card number, expiration dates and security code are fully encrypted and never travel unencrypted over the network.

You can order calmly and in peace with the existing tools more effective protection now!

When paying by credit card, you specify:

- Your card number, expiry date and the number of security code on the back of the card consists of three digits.

- The authorization servers are then consulted in order to verify the data and prevent abuse and fraud.

The servers are in encrypted mode and all information transmitted is encrypted (SSL Netscape).