We are fashion designers:

Moultazimoun: A unique and authentic style

More than just a boutique, Moultazimoun is a trademark, a guarantee of confidence and quality in an authentic style.

Our motto is always to distinguish ourselves in an avant-garde logic with our original creations whose success testifies to the quality.
Uncompromising research work combining creativity and relevance of materials is carried out within our team so that the sole goal of customer satisfaction is achieved.

Responding to a demanding and growing demand in the manufacture of Muslim and oriental clothing, Moultazimoun is committed to live up to your ideal fashion clothing.

Our collection of jewelry and perfumes are consistent with our catalog and complement the universe Moultazimoun open to the world, its trends and its differences.

Moultazimoun is a way of life, an inspiration at the source of creative marvels emanating from cleverly combined raw materials, which when assembled, give all the style and authenticity you are looking for.

Al Moultazimoun ® is a registered trademark with the INPI under No. 3787484